Kangaroo Team

FittyKid Kangaroo Team

FittyKid Kangaroo Team is a physical entertainment series aimed at children in preschool age, designed to encourage children to undertake phycial activity at home, as well as shaping interest  in various forms of activity. 

The program is an answer to modern world’s need, including the necessity to develop psychical activity interests among preschoolers and their parents who want to ensure their kids’ health and best possible conditions to physical and mental development, both now and in the future.

FittyKid Kangaroo team is a perfect possibility to spend time actively in front of a screen and build relationship with the child. 

FittyKid Kangaroo Team provides all participants with active trip around „Powerglobe” with Kangaroo and his Animal-Friends. A trip, during which, children find out that the globe is round, consists of seven continents and each continent is represented by a different Animal-hero, who they will play with.

Take part in an active adventure around Powerglobe with Kangaroo and his Animal-Friends, complete tasks and collect Animal-stamps.

Do you know all continents on the Powerglobe and all Animal-stamps? Do you know which one belongs to whom?

Safe and joyful trips!

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