Frequently Asked Question – FAQ


1. Click „subscribe” button on the homepage.

2. Add FittyKid subscription to cart by clicking the „subscribe” button once again.

3. Execute an order by giving required details. In the process, your customer account will be created.

4. Pay for the subscription by means of PayU recurring payments- with credit card (subscription renewed automatically) or with bank transfer, BLIK, debit card or Google Pay, then subscription is not automatically renewed.

5. Click „subscribe” button on the order form.

Enter My account section -> My subscription

If you pay for subscription by means of PayU (not PayU recurring payments), it’s indispensable to settle the payment every month. Enter the section „My acocunt” -> My subscription. 

Click „renew” button and pay for the subsequent subscription period.

In order to cancel automatic subscription extension, it’s necessary to untick the „Automatic renewal” in My subscription section. 

In such case, access to the platform will be available until the end of settlement period. When the settlement period is over, access to content may be extended – for this purpose please click the „renew” button.


In order to end subscription, enter My account section -> My subscription and press „cancel” button.
Subscription will be automatically cancelled and your credit card will not be charged for the subsequent period.

It is possible to use the subscription on one device at the time. Attempt to log in to the platform on a different device will be blocked.


The basic payment method for subscription is by means of credit card, which is supported by PayU recurring payments. However, it is possible to pay for subscription through BLIK or Google Pay.

Credit card details are safely stored by PayU operator.

To use a discount voucher, enter the code in the upper section of the order form (before making payment) and click „Apply voucher”.

In order summary you’ll see total sum counted with the discount.

In case of using a discount for 100% of first paymet, credit card number will be saved, but the card won’t be charged (for the first settlement period).


Fitty Kid

FittyKid is a family physical entertainment platform, whose goal is to provide children and families with a possibilty to have fun through physical activity in front of a screen. FittyKid works as a paid subscription platform, available at www.fittykid.com 

FittyKid offers a family physical entertainment through content available on the platform.

There are many advantages, but the most crucial ones are:
– Possibility of fulfilling everyday need of activity of a child
– Active and joyful form of spending time individually or as a family
– Perfect possibility to build grandparents/parents/kids relations through common activity
– Acting againts obesity (when used regularly)
– Shaping interest in various forms of activity in children
– Giving kids joy

You need to wear comfortable sporty outfit and shoes. Sometimes equipment is necessary, but it’s communicated at the beginning of each episode.

FittyKid series consist of 6-8 episodes.
FittyKid Sport consists of 6 episodes plus warm-up an stretching, FiityKid Kangaroo team series consists of 8 episodes. Episodes are 10-20 minutes long.

New series and new episodes premieres are announced on our platform and FittyKid social media channels.

With paid subscription, FittyKid user receives access to the whole content available on FittyKid platform.

Haven’t found an answer? Write us on pomoc@fittykid.com